We are a three generation family of rose breeders dedicated to creating beautiful fragrant roses.

The company was started by my father, David C H Austin OBE who began rose breeding in his late teenage years. Until his early 40’s he was a farmer in partnership with his father on the site where the rose breeding still takes place.

He had some success in the early 1960s as an amateur. Then in 1970 he set up the company in order to sell his first collection of David Austin roses.

His work was initially dedicated to creating garden (shrub) roses. He became recognized across the world for introducing a completely new style of rose.

In the early 1990s I joined the company and together we started to look seriously at breeding roses for florists, using the same principles that had made his shrub roses so popular.

From the very beginning of his work my father wanted to get back to the beauty of the Old Roses originating from the 1800s and earlier, which were characterized by their amazing fragrance and wonderful, many-petalled blooms that opened fully to reveal their beauty. It was these forgotten characteristics that gave the roses their unique charm.

In 2009 my son Richard joined the company becoming the third generation to work towards fulfilling his grandfather’s original ambition to create the most beautiful roses in the world for us all to enjoy.

David J C Austin
Managing Director